• About Us

    Some like minded people with a variety of skills and a common objective of "Making a Difference", by providing affordable, accessible, quality online education to people with a passion for self improvement through education.  

    No one can learn for you, but what we can do is provide you all the information you need, at the click of a button and in an orderly fashion, to make the learning as easy and efficient as possible.

    While you are busy, the system will monitor you usage gathering all the evidence you'll need to show that you have achieved the the required standard and know your stuff.  That way when you get your certificate you can be assured that it actually has meaning and is not just a tick in the box.

    Available Courses

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    We provide online theoretical training and practical course,  step by step, guidance to facilitate your learning experience. This allows you to put your efforts into learning the subject material and developing the required skills to obtain your qualification, with out waiting time on researching what it is you should be learning.
    This platform is often used in conjunction with classroom based / on the job training, to monitor student progress and provide an evidence based learning environment, with competency based testing. Ensuring you are fully equipped for the task and have not just received a tick in the box.


    Already qualified but looking to add on to your skill set. We offer a number of rating courses that allow you to expand the privileges of your qualifications. These include :-

    • Night Rating
    • Instrument Ratings
    • Type Ratings
    No matter what school you are attached to you can be assured that through their commitment to follow our structured learning you will be taught all you need to know and to the right standard, ensuring yo are not found wanting in the future.

    Soft Courses

    These are the annual courses that you are required to complete to exercise the privileges of your licence. These include:-

    • RADAR First Aid RNAV
    • Recurrent Type Training
    It is our intention to make these available online for a minimal cost to ensure you are not having to spent weeks offline - working just to be able to work.

    Custom Training

    Need to offer an in-house training to your staff but don't want to set up a whole training department and absorb the costs that go with that.
    Work with us to develop your course and offer it to your staff online at a fraction of the cost with no ongoing overheads. If need be we can work with our partners to have your course certified. 


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